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We could say that this year San Silvestre Vallecana race is coming back, but actually it is not so because the race never left.

What we can say is that we will run together again. The 31st of December, we will go through the streets of Madrid once more. Aún es pronto para concretar cómo y cuántos, pero en el mes de septiembre daremos respuesta a todas las preguntas que tenéis sobre la Vallecana.It is still to early to determine how and how many. In September we will answer all your questions about La Vallecana.

A different Vallecana

2020 was a different year for everybody, but Madrid could not stay without La Vallecana. The pandemic forced us to reduce the capacity of the International race. Only a few privileged were able to run in a closed circuit in Vallecas. However, the race kept up its cheerful spirit.

Charity race number

Once again this year, the Nationale-Nederlanden San Silvestre Vallecana expresses its solidarity with those most in need. In 2020, the fight against childhood cancer and the food collection are our objectives.

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San Silvestre Vallecana

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