Solidarity actions

Solidarity will be one of the great novelties of the Nationale-Nederlanden San Silvestre Vallecana this year.

When registering, participants will be able to choose who they want to donate to: against childhood cancer through Unoentrecienmil, against childhood obesity through the Gasol Foundation, or in favor of underprivileged families in Vallecas through Avanza ONG.

Acción solidaria

For childhood cancer research

Through Unoentrecienmil, you can collaborate in favor of research for the fight against leukemia. Last year, we helped create a unit to accelerate healing through physical exercise at the Hospital de La Paz.

This year, we will continue to support projects of the Foundation.

Uno entre cienmil
Obesidad infantil

Prevention of childhood obesity

The Gasol Foundation, led by brothers Pau and Marc Gasol, aims to end childhood obesity through research and the development of health promotion programs and public awareness campaigns.

Gasol Foundation
Avanza 20

Support for underprivileged families in the Vallecas neighborhood

Through Avanza ONG, we will directly assist hundreds of families in or at risk of social exclusion in the Vallecas neighborhood.
Some of them will receive Christmas baskets made by volunteers and distributed to charitable institutions, while in other cases, we will provide support by organizing solidarity dinners in various social dining facilities.

Avanza 20