Nationale-Nederlanden San Silvestre Vallecana
Popular + Virtual

Registering for the world's best 10k gives you access to two races: one in person, through the streets of Madrid on 31 st of December; and another virtual one, to run it whenever you want by using our official app. Different format, same spirit. One registration, two races. You choose whether you run virtually, in person, or both. Because Vallecana Solo Hay Una.


Reglamento SSV Popular


5 starting rounds, each one separated by 30 minutes, 2 different access areas, occupation control, requirement to bring COVID Passport, PCR or antigens test… running the Nationale-Nedelanden San Silvestre Vallecana will be totally safe.

Recorrido SSV Popular

Race Course

10 Kilometers to enjoy the capital: you will be able to run throught the lighted up streets of Madrid and end listening to the cheers of the best fans: the ones of Vallecas


APP Virtual


Download the oficial APP, lace up your shoes, put on your T-shirt and… start running the Nationale-Nederlanden San Silvestre Vallecana! You can run wherever and as many times as you wish between the 24th and the 31st of December, both included.

Reglamento SSV Popular

Virtual information

In addition to the popular race, you will be able to run the virtual one between the 24th and the 31st. Run as many times as you want.


There is only one way of getting the oficial T-shirt of La Vallecana: enrolling in the race. A technical T-shirt with an exclusive design that will surprise everyone.

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Camiseta SSV

Runner Pack

Al inscribirte, podrás elegir entre la opción de recibir la camiseta en tu domicilio o recogerla en la Feria del Corredor. La primera opción tiene un coste de 5€ para el primer pack y 2€ adicionales por cada pack entregado en la misma dirección (hasta un máximo de 6).

La opción de recogida en la Feria no tiene ningún coste. Al inscribirte deberás elegir día y hora para la recogida.

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Nationale-Nederlanden San Silvestre Vallecana 22

Preferential period of inscription so that you can run with us in 2022.


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The best training schedules, inspiration and innovation for you to have your best race.


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This year, your effort deserves being hung on the wall.

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convierteté en tu mejor entrenador